Fuel sensor with accelerometer GPSM Pro Sensor



Dust and water protection IP67
Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Electromagnetic compatibility SAE J1113/2 1996


Supply Voltage, DC +9V to +30V
Supply Current 10mA at 12V
Serial Interface RS232, RS485
Resolution 12 bit
Reverse polarity Protected
Electrical isolation Inbuild, 1000V

Compatible Medium

Fuel Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel,Unleaded, Avgas, LRP
Oil Engine oils, transmission oils, steering & hydraulic fluids, Heavy Oil
Bio-Fuel Ethanol E100, E85, E50, E20, E10, Methanol
Other Please consult GPSM Sensor for other liquid compatibilities


Mode of operation continuous
Measurement period 1 sec.
Temperature Measurement Range -80 to +80°C
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2 °C


Red V+ (Power)
Black V- (GND)
Yellow Serial RA / Rx
Blue Serial RB / Tx
Green (optional) Programmable analogue output (0-20 V)
Green and yellow(optional) Frequency output(500-1500 Hz)


Rate of ambient temperature change – 20 °С … + 80 °С, % max ±0,7
Rate of ambient temperature change – 40 °С … + 80°С, % max ±0,9


Probe Length 700 - 6000mm (can be shortened in length)
Mounting 5-Bolt Pattern
Weight From 190g (dependant on length)
Housing material High-strength polymer
Material of the sensor's tube Anodized aluminum